History of Continental Cement


The Twin Bridges

The Interstate 74 Bridge, officially known as the Iowa-Illinois Memorial Bridge, and often called The Twin Bridges, features arch twin bridges that carry Interstate 74 across the Mississippi River and connect Bettendorf, Iowa and Moline, Illinois. Cement from the Davenport plant was used in the bridge construction.


New Terminal opens in Memphis

New terminal opens at a new location in Memphis, Tennessee, replacing the outdated existing facility. 


Continental Cement Acquires Terminal in Port Allen

September – Continental Cement acquires terminal in Port Allen, Louisiana, expanding services in the region north of Baton Rouge.

US Bank Stadium opens

July – US Bank Stadium opens in Minneapolis, MN; Continental Cement was used during the stadium construction


Expanding the Continental Family

Continental Cement acquires the Davenport Plant in Buffalo, Iowa. This expanded Continental’s already strong presence in the Mid West and accelerated the company’s growth into new markets.


Joining Forces

Summit Materials welcomes Continental Cement as part of its family.


New Plant Opens

New plant opens in Hannibal, Missouri, making this the third plant to produce cement from the same location. This latest modernization included new quarry haul trucks, new crusher, preheater/precalciner plant, clinker and roll press. 


Continued Growth

As we opened our new plant in Hannibal, Missouri, we also had a hand in opening the new home of the St. Louis Cardinals, Busch Stadium, which was built with Continental Cement product.


Minimizing our Footprint and Maximizing Potential

Continental/MFR partnered with AES to form Green America Recycling, LLC. Today, this partnership is recognized as an industry leader providing high quality product, while also continuing to be environmentally beneficial.


Continued Commitment

Continental acquired the assets of an on-site fuels recycler and formed MFR (Missouri Fuel Recycler). MFR rapidly expanded the use of waste fuels by adding two patented processes for handling solid waste.


More than 30 Years of Sustainable Operations

Our commitment to operating sustainably dates back more than three decades when we began using supplemental waste fuels for energy recovery as a direct replacement for coal; Green America Recycling, LLC, eventually was created to further enhance our commitment to the environment.


New and Improved

The original plant was expanded and improved throughout its operating history until a new manufacturing facility was built to replace it. This new facility boasted the second longest cement kiln in the world.


Helping Build an Icon

Our product also helped build the world’s most famous office building and American historical landmark, the Empire State Building.


Opening Passageways

Our superior quality product was used in the making of the Panama Canal, allowing the French crane boat, Alexandre La Valley, to be the first vessel to traverse the waterway.


More than a century of history

Atlas Portland Cement began making cement at the Hannibal plant. Today, it’s known as Continental Cement.

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